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EcoSmart Cosmo 50 Fire Pit Table


EcoSmart’s Cosmo 50 fire pit table is a great example of where the lines between “technology” and “furniture” are starting to blur thanks to its seamless integration of fireplace innovation and functional design. Part of a new wave of invisible technology where sophisticated engineering is concealed behind minimalist design principles, the EcoSmart Cosmo 50 fire pit table combines a clean-burning fireplace with the practical features of a low-slung lounge table.

The Ecosmart Cosmo 50 complies with the ACCC Safety Mandate.





  • With zero hard utility connections, relocating your fire is a breeze
  • Experience the beauty and warmth of an inviting fire without the smoke and ash associated with traditional fireplaces
  • Choose from our selection of natural, blonde teak or sleek, industrial-style concrete colours
  • The table's large surface area is perfect for setting down wine glasses and appetizers, making it ideal for hosting a party or gathering
  • 360° height-adjustable articulating feet allow you to achieve a perfectly level and stable position on your flooring
  • Simply wash the ethanol burners in the dishwasher or sink
  • Dimensions - L 1270mm x W 762mm x H 296mm



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