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EcoSmart Be Designer Fireplace


Sleek and slender dual-sided ethanol fire for ‘blended in’ or standalone feature.

A slimline portable fireplace with two viewing sides, offering a wide range of design possibilities for enhancing indoor or covered outdoor settings. Be Series’ clever corner fireplace design enables the portable, vent-free fire to appear as though it’s ‘blending’ into walls, creating an eye-catching feature. Its long, column-style design with an open top and 90-degree glass panel provides a stunningly tall, fully-enclosed flame, which immediately commands attention in any room. Minimalist design combined with robust ethanol fireplace technology adds unique style and enhances the aesthetics of your interiors or covered alfresco area. A unique, versatile fireplace that’s perfect for smaller spaces and respects the environment.

Available in one size: Be, which features a compact AB3 Ethanol Burner, producing a brilliant flame with up to 11 hours of burn time. Available in two colours: black or white powder-coated stainless steel, both with black fireboxes to create a true statement fire.

The Be complies with the ACCC Safety Mandate.





  • Discreet shelf-like design that can meld with walls or pillars for an ‘installed’ look, placed in corners or positioned as a standalone open fireplace. Two flame viewing sides create a distinct and mesmerizing statement piece.
  • Corner, unobtrusive unit style lends itself to smaller apartment or retail spaces. Compat in size but big on impact.
  • Toughened glass screen viewing panel means the flame is fully enclosed but the 90-degree view of the tall dancing flame isn’t obstructed.
  • Crafted from mild steel and toughened glass for durability.
  • No need for a chimney to vent harmful gases, no need for utility connections, underscoring Be Series’ portability and flexibility.
  • Opening ‘doors’ facilitates easy operation and refilling of the stainless steel burner, ensuring easy use and enjoyment.
  • Dimensions - W 420mm x H 1345mm



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