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Which Lopi is For You?

Lopi is one of the biggest names in outdoor and indoor fireplace and heating. They are tried and tested and have come up trumps time and time again, as many people are opting to choose Lopi. They offer an extensive range of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and heating solutions to keep you toasty and warm this winter and for many more winters to come.


Every unit in the Lopi range is designed with maximum efficiency and aesthetic appeal in mind. They have gas and wood powered fireplaces, too, and are manufactured to most stringent standards, to ensure that your heating needs are taken care of while adding visual appeal and value to your home.

But with the extensive range how do you know which Lopi is for you? When deciding on a heater or fireplace, certain factors must be taken into consideration such as aesthetic appeal, the size of the area that you are heating and what fuel source you wish to be burning.

“If you don’t like my fire then come around, cause I’m going to burn one down!” This will never be a problem with a Lopi fireplace because everyone will love your fire and will want to come around to enjoy the illuminating glow and bask in the warmth created by your Lopi.

Firstly, decide on the fuel source. Wood heaters are great for those who like the ritual of preparing the wood and carefully building a fire. Although they can be a little messy, it’s worth it, as there is nothing like the crackle and pop, as the fire burns through the wood and hits air pockets providing the perfect soundscape to a cosy evening in with your loved ones.

This is a contrast to gas heaters, which are ideal for those who like an instant, easy solution to a fireplace. A few clicks of a switch and your fireplace will be roaring, providing you with the warmth needed to get through the coldest of winters.

The Lopi range of inbuilt wood heaters  combines traditional charm with a slightly modern appeal while adding a dynamic radiant appeal to any living room. Let the fireplace steal the show at the next dinner party, as your guests congregate around the fire and share a drink and laugh while being bedazzled by the flames.

The Lopi range caters for those who are after a more traditional fireplace and also caters to those who are after a more modern approach. The inbuilt range is great for the more modern homes and due to its sleeker looking design. The inbuilt will sit flush in the wall and provide a unique and natural fireplace with an extra-large looking glass for your viewing pleasure.

The standalone is a more traditional approach to your heating solutions and comes in both wood-fired and gas fuel options. So if you’re after a more kitsch traditional feel, opt for the stand-alone fireplace.

With Lopi’s extensive range of heating and fireplace options will have you kitted out to combat those winter blues and keep your family toasty warm while adding rustic charm and a place to congregate in your living room. Get yours now at Home Heat & BBQ.

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