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Take Your Weber Portable BBQ Camping This Winter: Top Tips

Winter cannot damper the joy of a barbecue and a camping trip. If you shudder at the thought of winter camping, it turns out that it is an adventure of its own and has its perks.

Take Your Weber Portable BBQ Camping This Winter

There are fewer crowds, less bugs to deal with, and you savour the beauty and quiet of a winter wonderland. It can be uncomfortable and cold if the barbecue camping trip lacks proper preparation. And that’s where the Weber Go-Anywhere portable BBQ comes in.

In this article, we will discuss how you can stay safe and toasty during winter camping and delve into the exceptional benefits of using the Weber portable BBQ.


Tips for Happy and Safe Camping in the Snow

Begin by picking a site clear of a possible avalanche and sheltered from strong winds. Ensure the gear is warm and safe, especially for a barbecue on the Weber Go-Anywhere grill.

So as you layer warm clothes for insulation, be wary of scarves during barbecuing as they can dangle and catch fire or get entangled in the grill’s parts.

Stay hydrated, and avoid exposure to cold that can cause hypothermia and frostbite. Bring appropriate winter camping gear and adequate food supplies.


Top Tips to Enjoy the Weber Portable BBQ Camping

 1. Enjoy the freedom of portability.

 For an outdoor enthusiast, the Weber Go-Anywhere barbecue grill is the ultimate winter camping bbq dream. The Weber portable bbq is a genius appliance that normally looks like any garden bbq model but folds flat in a snap.

It easily fits into a car boot, and upon reaching the camping spot, it unfolds and rolls on its grippy wheels, tackling slippery and wet terrain. It clears uneven terrain effortlessly, removing the strain and frustration of lugging a grill over rocks and uneven ground.  

2. Learn about the special features.

 The Weber Go-Anywhere grill has special features such as built-in hooks which catch the tongs and other accessories so that all the barbecue tools stay in one place. 

3. Choose convenient fuel for the Weber portable bbq.

Modern portable bbq grills have the multi-fuel advantage, as does the Weber Go-Anywhere. However, if anything gives authenticity to a camping trip, it must be a crackling wood fire. It might be quite inconvenient and risky to walk around the woods looking for suitable firewood.

That’s why this portable grill accommodates alternative fuels such as gas. Get propane gas canisters as they work well in cold temperatures, while other gas cylinders stop the gas from flowing when temperatures drop.

If wood is an option, use dry wood or hardwood pellets. Briquettes also fire up fast and keep burning longer. Remember to carry extra fuel in an emergency and mitigate the fact that outdoor cooking requires more fuel in winter to get the grill to the right temperature. 

4.  Maintain temperature.

Constant lid opening while cooking, impatience to let the grill attain its appropriate cooking temperature, and using wrong or inadequate fuel will prolong cooking sessions. Use the grill thermometer to monitor the temperature, and cook with the lid closed.

5. Care and maintenance.

After using the Weber Go-Anywhere grill, clean it up and store it in a sheltered place. Keep it with its lid closed. It is a small appliance, especially when folded, so it fits in small spaces during storage and transportation.



A portable Weber Go-Anywhere grill is a safe, versatile, easy-to-use grill. It performs optimally in any weather, including snow. Contact us today to view our gallery of portable grills to purchase the best model for your winter camping bbq days.

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