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Safety Precautions When Using Your Charcoal Grill and BBQ

Charcoal Grill and BBQ

The joy of hosting a barbecue is bringing people together to relax and bond over great food. However, proper safety is paramount, so the focus remains on delicious grilled treats rather than injury prevention. Before you get the party started, keep in mind these key charcoal grill safety tips so your get-together remains accident-free.  

Location, Location, Location  

One of the first charcoal grill safety tips is choosing an appropriate location. Ensure your grill sits on a flat, stable surface away from foot traffic and play areas, and keep it at least three metres from anything flammable, such as overhead branches.

Apart from checking your surroundings, proper placement means never using your grill in an enclosed space. Carbon monoxide emitted can be hazardous, even deadly, if inhaled. 

Safe Usage 

Another critical tip involves taking precautions while firing up and using your unit. First, never use petrol when lighting a grill, as it can turn into a fireball. Instead, use lighter fluid or specialised barbecue starters. 

Give the coals time to ash over entirely before beginning to cook. This stops food from absorbing unpleasant chemical smells and also reduces the chance of flare-ups happening down the line.

Mind the Kids

Little ones generally find barbecues irresistible. Thus, high up on the charcoal grill safety tips list is to set clear boundaries that keep children safely away from hot surfaces. 

Teach youngsters not to run near the grill or touch any parts. Be sure to turn pot handles inwards and remind adults not to leave the barbecue unattended to prevent painful accidents.

Proper Handling

Nearly one-third of grill injuries happen due to touching hot surfaces rather than flame exposure. This makes having the right tools on hand absolutely vital. Invest in long-handled barbecue utensils, flame-retardant mitts and a sturdy spatula. Use them whenever flipping food or adjusting the grill. If you suffer a minor burn, run cool water over it immediately rather than using ice, as burnt tissue remains extremely sensitive.

Observe Safe Shutdown

Once the food and entertainment have ended, you must shut down the barbecue properly to prevent potential fires. Start by closing the grill lid and vents to cut off the oxygen supply and let coals burn themselves out faster. 

Next, make sure to wait for all charcoal to extinguish fully before attempting to dispose of it in plastic rubbish bags or wheelie bins, as the intense heat can melt plastic or ignite other contents, creating a dangerous situation. 

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