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Choosing An Inbuilt Wood Heater in Sydney

An inbuilt wood heater is an excellent choice to heat your home through the chill of Sydney’s winters. They offer the cosy effect of an open fireplace that we all can imagine sitting in front of while wearing warm socks and sipping a mug of hot chocolate, but with greater heating efficiency. Inbuilt wood heaters can also save space over freestanding models and are available in a wide array of design options.

What to Consider When You Buy Inbuilt Wood Heater
Space Requirements
The size of the heater you choose will depend on several …

The Right Weber Model for You

When you think about the car that you bought, how did you go about choosing the right one for you? Did you carefully research – petrol or diesel, SUV or sedan, model and make, price, and others? Maybe you just chose the cheapest or the one recommended to you by friends?


Choosing the right Weber model for you is a little like choosing a car. There is the opportunity to just go for the cheapest, or what people who know you think you would like, or there is the opportunity to research and …

Advantages of the Weber Baby Q Range

If you are looking for a Weber BBQ that gives you food cooked with unbelievable flavour, if you want a gas BBQ, and, you want a BBQ that is versatile, you can’t go past the Weber Q. Whether you are cooking a sausage, or a nice lamb chop a Weber Q will transform these old Aussie favourites into a mouth-watering masterpiece that will have you – and your family and guests coming back for more.


The Weber Q isn’t *just a BBQ* though, when you use some of the great Weber …

Our Weber Smokers in Focus

In the old days, smoking meat was a long and tiresome process. You had to set up a smoking chamber with racks close to the ceiling, then light your fruitwood and let it die down to just the right temperature. The embers had to be cold enough not to cook, but warm enough not to die out. Smoking a cut of meat could take hours or even days.


Throughout the process, you had to keep feeding the embers without stoking a new flame, because then the meat would grill instead of smoking. Fortunately, …

Our History with Weber

Australians love their Webers – and so do we! As the very first certified Weber Store in Sydney, we are proud as punch of our long history with this iconic brand. We are certified Weber Specialist Dealers, which means we carry Weber models that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. So if you’re after a special Weber, then you have definitely come to the right place.


The Weber itself came to Australia way back in 1978 (that’s 40 years ago!), when the very first Australian sales rep, Ross McDonald, started introducing …

The Advantages of The Weber Q Range of BBQs

If you are looking for the ultimate – anywhere, anytime barbeque you can not go past the amazing range of Weber Q gas barbeques.

When it comes to a Weber Q – which one is perfect for you?
For the good old Aussie backyard barbie everyone loves the convenience a gas BBQ brings – the Weber Q Family series is the perfect example. If you think cooking a steak, rissole or sausage on your BBQ is just cooking, on the Q series – think again! The Weber Q series of …

Our Gas Webers in Focus

Weber BBQs  are among the most popular BBQ brands in the world, and they’re certainly well-loved here in Australia. Our uptake of Webers is so high that the manufacturer has designed models specifically for our market. Webers are available in charcoal, gas, and electric versions, and out of these, gas is the most convenient.


Gas Webers light up instantly using an ignition switch, and they go off just as quickly. There’s no soot or ash, so it’s easier to clean, and since it doesn’t produce smoke, it can be safely used indoors. …

Our Charcoal BBQ Range

There are different levels of barbeque lovers. Some enjoy meat at a fundamental level, so they order burgers and steaks at restaurants. Some go a step further and can tell the difference between medium rare and barely cooked. Then there’s the grilling expert who can tell the difference between a charcoal grill and gas grill based on the taste of the meat.


Many barbeque lovers agree that charcoal grilling is the premium level of barbeque. It gives the meat a rich colour and smoky flavour. However, charcoal grills are more cumbersome than gas …

Choosing The Right Weber

Weber BBQs  are so popular that many people use ‘Weber’ as a generic descriptor for barbeque grills. They offer a wide selection of grills, and here at Home Heat & BBQ, we supply the full range. If you’re unsure about the type you should select, here are a few guidelines.

SustainaPod Elston Outdoor Kitchen for Weber Q3600 & Weber Summit BBQs 2

BBQs made by Weber have a heritage of more than 50 years, but they have advanced with the times so that you can get a grill anywhere within your price range. Webers start as low …

Choosing the Right BBQ for Your Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Making the final designs in your outdoor kitchen? It makes sense, in Australia, that more and more of us are installing outdoor kitchens. It’s warm out, we love a barbie, and who wants to have to do all that food prep inside when we can do it outside instead? Today we provide a quick guide to selecting the right barbeque for your new outdoor space. Hopefully, it will help in picking the right one from our impressive range!

Measure that baby up
The most important thing you’ll need to examine first when choosing your BBQ for your outdoor kitchen is the space …

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