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Upgrading Your Outdoor Kitchen: The Perks and Essentials

An outdoor kitchen isn’t just a simple home addition; it’s a valuable asset that blends functionality with style. For any property owner, it represents an exceptional means to fully embrace and utilise extra outdoor space available. Outdoor kitchens are treasured spaces and a beneficial investment in a home.
Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen for Home Improvement
An outdoor kitchen can have a functional grill, a home pizzeria, or a fully stocked kitchen. Family bonds and friends share memorable times in the cosy cookout space. An outdoor kitchen optimises a living space and evolves …

6 Perks of Having Your Own Backyard Outdoor Kitchen

6 Perks of Having Your Own Backyard Outdoor Kitchen

Modern outdoor kitchens are bigger, more spacious and more refined than traditional units, mostly built into patios. You’ll find designated seating areas in these kitchens, granite or marble worktops, oversized BBQ grills, and pizza ovens. Some have bars and entertainment lounges for drinking as you watch TV or dance to music.

These features aside, here are the top perks of owning an outdoor kitchen.
Outdoor entertainment spots appeal to all age groups. For youth, holding backyard and poolside parties is appealing, while older adults may prefer …

The 6 Best BBQ Accessories to Upgrade Your Summer Entertaining

Although kitchen tools don’t improve your cooking skills, they make it easier and safer to prepare meals. If you want to stop guessing when your meats are ready, or veggies are steamed, here are the must-have accessories for your Weber BBQ grill.

6 Best BBQ Accessories to Upgrade Your Summer Entertaining
Heat-Resistant Gloves
Wearing gloves seems obvious when handling hot objects like your grill plates, but many people tend to overlook it.

Heat-resistant gloves are an amazing addition. They make it safer to handle the grill, as they can withstand temperatures exceeding 900 degrees Fahrenheit. …

Can You Cook Pizzas on a Weber? 6 Lesser-Known Grill Recipes for Summer

The idea of cooking a pizza on a grill is inconceivable to many self-taught chefs. Is it worth the trouble when you could use an oven? However, you will only know its benefits if you try it.
Why Do People Use Grills to Cook Pizzas?
First, using a BBQ grill spares you the energy and time of preheating an oven to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius), a prerequisite in many pizza recipes. Cooking outside allows you to enjoy the relaxing breeze.

Lesser-Known Grill Recipes for Summer

Secondly, grills keep the heat outside where it belongs. …

5 reasons why you need an outdoor kitchen

No matter how small and cramped a western home is, it always has a kitchen. It might just be a little sink in the corner, with some counter-space for your Weber Baby Q BBQ, but no Aussie home can be sold without a designated area for preparing meals. If you’re lucky enough to buy in the suburbs, you might have an outdoor cooking option too. It could just be a patio, deck or indoor-outdoor section that stretches towards the pool.

But you may look at that space and realise it’s ideal for entertaining. So while you may consider putting in …

Our tips for cooking on a charcoal BBQ

Cooking on a charcoal BBQ can be a little more *complicated* than what you might be used to, especially if you are new to barbequing. We have 8 simple tips to help you master the art of successfully cooking on a charcoal BBQ.

Use a chimney starter – these are an absolute must as they can light up to 100 charcoal briquets and have them red hot in just 20 minutes, using nothing more than a single sheet of newspaper and a match.
Always use the right amount of charcoal, once you are comfortable using …

Gas BBQ Models That Are Great for Singles

Bachelors and bachelorettes rejoice! Home Heat and BBQ have not forgotten about you freewheeling singles, and we have a range of Weber BBQ’s perfectly suited to your needs. These barbies are compact and functional. They do all the things that bigger barbecues do and sit perfectly on the balcony of your one-bedroom flat. They are portable, practical, and produce amazing BBQ meals with effortless ease. In this post, we will take a closer look at the range of Gas BBQ’s perfectly suited to singles.
The Weber Baby Q
The Weber Baby Q is the festival-goers camp …

New Year’s Day BBQ Party Ideas

Bring the New Year in with a bang. Load the barbecue into the car and get out into the great outdoors for some fine food, good company and good times. New Year’s Day should be spent recovering from the night before with the ones you love.

Start the year off the right with a smashing New Year’s Day BBQ party. In this post, our goal is to give you some inspiration for your BBQ bash. Let Home Heat and BBQ guide the way.
Beach Vibes
Take your BBQ party beachside. Roll out the Weber, crank up the tunes, and soak in …

BBQ’s That Are Perfect for Summer Festivals

Summertime is one of the best times of year in Australia. Not a weekend goes by that there is not a festival on where you can bring the ruckus and get up to mischief with your mates while enjoying the outdoor splendour and diverse music scene that is synonymous with our culture.

It’s almost time to load up the car with all your camping supplies and of course your best friends.

Camping festivals are great and are a reminder of how people can live in harmony with one another and leave their troubles behind – even if it’s only for the weekend. …

Get your BBQ summer ready with these accessories

Having a good home BBQ will make you the star of the neighbourhood. To make your outdoor cooking experience more fun and effective, enrich it with barbequing accessories! They range from BBQ add-ons to shiny barbequing toys. Of course, you can start with the basics – an apron to keep your clothes clean, and mitts or gloves to keep your hands from burning. And because we’re known as the Weber Store, we stock all three – in black, and decorated with the trademark red Weber icon.

Home Heat & BBQ is glad to dress you and your BBQ for every occasion. …

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