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Heating Options for the Modern Home

Finding heating options for your modern home has never been easier with the extensive range on the market. With a wealth of options, choosing the perfect heater for your home may be a daunting task. There are so many heaters that look amazing and come in all different shapes, styles, and sizes, and there is an always an option that will gel with your homes aesthetic.


Inbuilt gas fireplaces are a great modern approach to your fireplace needs. They have smooth, chic appeal and sit flush in your wall to easily …

How You Should Heat Your Home This Winter

As the cold season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll keep your house warm. A few centuries ago, the only options were warm furs and blocks of burning wood, whether the flames were kindled in a cave or a stone parlour. Wood burning heaters are still a popular choice, but nowadays, you can enjoy the visual and psychological comfort of a log fire combined with the convenience of gas or electric furnaces.



In modern fireplaces, gas, ethanol, or electricity might be the power behind the heat, but the furnace …

Some Help When Choosing Between Our Lopi Models

Once you make the decision to buy Lopi fireplaces, Sydney is the perfect place to shop. The city offers a wide variety of models, and here at Home Heat & BBQ, we’re fully stocked. The Lopi name is trusted for quality and versatility, but that can sometimes make it hard to decide which unit best suits your needs. There are three main considerations – freestanding vs inbuilt; outdoor vs indoor; gas vs wood. Here are some tips to help you along.


Fuel type

Gas heaters are considered to be more convenient than wood-burners, …

How to Pick The Right Wood Heater For You

Cold winter nights are no reason to stay chilly anymore, with the extensive range of wood heaters at Home Heat & BBQ. Our array of models with unique stylish trappings, efficient and practical applications, is sure to provide a quality product and solution to all your indoor heating requirements.


When choosing the right heater for your home, considerations such as function, fuel type, efficiency and aesthetic must come into mind, when making the decision to turn your frosty rooms into cosy, warm entertainment areas for your friends and family to congregate and …

Why Choose Regency For Your Gas Heating?

Founded in Vancouver Canada in 1979 Regency Fireplace products are world leaders in the design and manufacturing of Regency gas fireplaces. What started as founder Robert Little designing and making wood stoves in a garage soon grew to a company with over 300 employees. Regency gas fireplaces are made with 4 goals in mind –


Clean burning efficiency
Good value
High quality
Beautiful aesthetics

The team at Regency are committed to research and development ensuring they maintain their excellent reputation for quality, value and innovation.

When you buy a …

A Close Look At the Regency GF900 Models

When looking for to purchase an indoor heating system, the Regency GF900 is one of the best options available in Australia today. It is sleek, beautifully designed with well-defined linear styling and a beautiful wide angle flame set. The fire is continental driftwood log the burns in an efficient and clean manner.

With that in mind, let us take a closer look at some of the features that make this model ideal for your home:

Electronic ignition
In line with saving energy and adding efficiency, the Regency GF900 models come with electronic ignition. This …

The Right Gas Fireplace for You This Winter

Winter is coming, and though Season 8 may be far away, we need to get our houses ready for the chilliest time of the year. Since it’s going to be wet and soggy outside, you don’t want to go stomping for firewood. There are services that can deliver a firewood basket right to your door and stack it in your yard. Unfortunately, they won’t come back every night to light your fire or sweep out the soot and embers every morning.

So if whistling “chim-chim-cheree” isn’t your thing, you’re better off getting a gas fireplace. You can light it in minutes, …

A Close Look at Our Lopi Heaters

Lopi has an incredible range of heaters, from traditional gas log fires and wood fireplaces to gas fires and freestanding slow combustion wood heaters. Some of the gas fireplaces feature stone, sculptured driftwood pebbles or logs. All Lopi gas fireplaces include GreenSmart Direct Vent technology and are not only efficient, but they look stunning too. High output models have a ceramic glass for increased radiant heat.

Lopi fireplaces are manufactured in America, and these high-quality products feature some of the latest fireplace technology in the heating industry. Lopi fireplaces are available as inbuilt or freestanding and come …

The Advantages Our Regency Range

The Regency home heating range is a firm favourite among Australian builders, homeowners, and interior designers. Its key advantage is versatility. You can get a Regency to fit any and all your style preferences and functional needs. Regency offers both gas-powered and wood fuelled heaters, and you can order a free-standing or in-built unit.

Let’s start with in-built Regency heaters. They help you retain the traditional feel of a fireplace while giving your space a contemporary modern touch. If you’re looking for an Regency inbuilt wood heaters in Sydney, Home Heat & BBQ is the place to visit. We stock …

The Lopi Flushwood Large Hybrid Fyre in focus

The Flushwood Large Hybrid Fyre from Lopi is a large fireplace with an insert that features the exclusive clean burning Hybrid-Fyre technology. Hybrid-Fyre technology is a fusion of known wood combustion – stainless baffles, kiln fired firebrick and stainless steel secondary combustion air tubes, add to this catalytic assist technology.

In the firebox primary combustion burn occurs with secondary tubes re-burning gasses before they leave the firebox, making those gases pass through a catalytic combustor which leaves virtually no smoke to exit the fireplace. This results in a super clean burning insert of emissions as low as just 90 grams …

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