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BBQ’s That Are Perfect for Summer Festivals

Summertime is one of the best times of year in Australia. Not a weekend goes by that there is not a festival on where you can bring the ruckus and get up to mischief with your mates while enjoying the outdoor splendour and diverse music scene that is synonymous with our culture.

It’s almost time to load up the car with all your camping supplies and of course your best friends.

Camping festivals are great and are a reminder of how people can live in harmony with one another and leave their troubles behind – even if it’s only for the weekend. …

Charcoal grill models to consider

There is no going past a good old-fashioned charcoal BBQ if you want a meal with that delicious BBQ taste. Weber is best known for producing the iconic Kettle BBQ – the charcoal grill with a round dome, this renowned BBQ style has been around since 1952, and while it has had a few design upgrades over the year, it still has that amazing charcoal taste everybody knows and loves.

Today Weber BBQ’s  come in a range of styles and sizes, including the traditional Kettle, portable and the very latest smoker designs for those who are really into their …

Entertaining with your Weber – our tips

Without a doubt, Weber kettle BBQ’s are an Australian icon. Over 50 years ago, the first weber BBQ was built, and it changed our attitudes towards BBQ’s forever. For the first time people were able to roast whole joints of meat, with a delicious barbecue flavour thanks to the indirect cooking system unique to Weber Kettle BBQ’s. Even today it’s that incredible flavour you get from a Weber BBQ  that still distinguishes it from any other BBQ on the market.

Weber BBQ’s are known for spectacular food and memorable entertaining.

Thanks to the Weber Gourmet Barbecue System you can build …

Get your BBQ summer ready with these accessories

Having a good home BBQ will make you the star of the neighbourhood. To make your outdoor cooking experience more fun and effective, enrich it with barbequing accessories! They range from BBQ add-ons to shiny barbequing toys. Of course, you can start with the basics – an apron to keep your clothes clean, and mitts or gloves to keep your hands from burning. And because we’re known as the Weber Store, we stock all three – in black, and decorated with the trademark red Weber icon.

Home Heat & BBQ is glad to dress you and your BBQ for every occasion. …

Let’s talk portable BBQs

Aussies are lucky. We have glorious sunshine all year round (well in most parts of the country) so we’re not too worried about leaving our barbies outdoors. But, just in case we have neighbours (or passers-by) with sticky fingers, it might be worth dragging it indoors. In a way, almost all BBQs are portable, because they’re equipped with castors for easy movement. But outdoor kitchens sets can be bulky, so just because you can yank them around doesn’t mean you want to. A truly portable BBQ is lightweight, ideally with foldable and/or removable parts.

While this portability will largely …

Start summer with a new Weber BBQ

Summer in Australia – there is really nothing better than some backyard cricket or lounging by the pool, enjoying time with the family while a yummy BBQ lunch or dinner is cooking on your new Weber gas BBQ. The smells of food cooking to perfection, while enjoying the fresh air, there really is nothing better. Spending time with family and friends around a backyard BBQ – it’s an Aussie tradition!

If you are the type of person who enjoys being outside cooking a range of delicious foods, then the Weber range of BBQ’s will suit you perfectly.
Charcoal BBQ’s
A lot of …

It’s nearly BBQ Season – is it time for an upgrade?

Spring is just around the corner, and you have probably found your local BBQ store has a *fleet* of brand new gas BBQ’s in stock, new brands, new models and new features to make you a BBQ king. In view of all these new shiny gas BBQ’s in store, you may be looking at yours and think – it’s time to upgrade.

Before you purchase a new gas BBQ this spring there are a few things you should consider:

Do your research first, there is a great range of new BBQ’s on the …

A close look at our charcoal BBQ options

Multiple factors will drive your choice of BBQ. Charcoal lovers enjoy smoky flavours and prefer to grill on high heat. They’re not too bothered by the clean-up or the process of lighting their BBQs. Fortunately, modern charcoal BBQs are a lot less messy than their ancestors. Many have ash pans you can easily remove and dump out. Others have water trays for a moister result. Weber has a premium range of charcoal BBQs, and we stock them here are Home Heat & BBQ, so if you’re unclear about what to buy, we can help.
Keep it slow and …

The Right Weber Model for You

When you think about the car that you bought, how did you go about choosing the right one for you? Did you carefully research – petrol or diesel, SUV or sedan, model and make, price, and others? Maybe you just chose the cheapest or the one recommended to you by friends?


Choosing the right Weber model for you is a little like choosing a car. There is the opportunity to just go for the cheapest, or what people who know you think you would like, or there is the opportunity to research and …

Advantages of the Weber Baby Q Range

If you are looking for a BBQ that gives you food cooked with unbelievable flavour, if you want a gas BBQ, and, you want a BBQ that is versatile, you can’t go past the Weber Q. Whether you are cooking a sausage, or a nice lamb chop a Weber Q will transform these old Aussie favourites into a mouth-watering masterpiece that will have you – and your family and guests coming back for more.


The Weber Q isn’t *just a BBQ* though, when you use some of the great Weber accessories you …

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