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How to Properly Clean Your Charcoal BBQ Each Time for Improved Results and Longevity

Keeping your BBQ clean is incredibly important – it helps prevent food poisoning and stomach upsets and will also stay in perfect condition for a longer time. If you don’t adequately take care of it, the metal components may rust, and you’ll have to replace the entire BBQ. 

Charcoal BBQ

Consider doing a basic clean-up of your BBQ and the grills after every use, and then give it a thorough clean-up every quarter. Here’s our guide on how to do it. …

Get Your BBQ Ready for Summer Dining with These 3 Tips

Looking forward to breaking out your sizzling steak and honey barbecue chicken this summer? Check out our tips to get your barbecue summer-ready so you can keep the steak coming!

Is your barbecue looking tired and dirty? Nothing like its former glory? Fear not: we have the ultimate tips to get your BBQ sizzling in no time.

summer bbq

The possibilities of what you can do with your BBQ charcoal grill are endless, and an alfresco dinner is ideal …

How to Use Your Charcoal BBQ to Satisfy Vegetarian Guests This Summer

Hosting a barbecue for your vegetarian guests isn’t a tall order – all you need to do is plan accordingly. Keep reading to find out more about planning and hosting your veggie-based barbecue.

Charcoal BBQ

Decide on your protein

Every cookout needs two or three main protein foods to ensure that all your guests get their fill.

Start by settling on a good vegetarian protein; non-animal-based proteins like mushrooms can work wonders on the charcoal …

Why the Weber Baby Q BBQ is the Ideal Choice for All Your Summer Grilling Needs

Why the Weber Baby Q BBQ is the Ideal Choice for All Your Summer Grilling Needs

Nothing beats the frenzy and excitement of spending warm summer afternoons in an outdoor space with family and friends. Go on and treat yourselves to a tasty barbeque. If you want to prepare a mouthwatering meal that your buddies will savour, you need the best grilling equipment, such as the Weber Baby Q BBQ Series from Home and Heat BBQ.

Weber Baby Q BBQ

Master Your Charcoal Grill with These Tricks

Nothing is as exciting as the prospect of enjoying a warm day outdoors with family and friends. You can make the experience better by preparing a barbeque in your outdoor kitchen. The problem, however, is you have to be a master at cooking using a charcoal BBQ grill to make the food as tasty as possible.

Charcoal Grill

Naturally, charcoal burns at higher temperatures than gas and wood. As such, it’s harder to control when cooking – an inexperienced hand often encounters challenges like burnt meat, overcooked veggies, and so on.

Here are some valuable …

The Benefits of Using Charcoal BBQ Grills

For a long time, people have been debating over the best type of BBQ grill. Some prefer gas, while others like charcoal heaters. Therefore, it would be best if you weighed the pros and cons of each variant before purchasing.

Charcoal BBQ Grills

Choosing the right barbeque grill can be a daunting task. For sure, gas and electric grills are more convenient and ignite faster than their charcoal counterparts. However, nothing is comparable to the mouth-watering taste you can attain with a high-quality charcoal grill.

That said, great-tasting food is not the only advantage that charcoal …

Entertaining in Your Outdoor Kitchen

When you’re grilling up delicious meals on the barbecue, do you ever find it cumbersome running back-and-forth between your indoor kitchen and outdoor grill? Inside you have lots of counterspace for prep work, a bin to discard scraps, storage space to hold equipment, and a sink to clean. But what if you could have these benefits of your kitchen space in your outdoor entertainment space?

Entertaining in Your Outdoor Kitchen
Why We Love an Outdoor Kitchen:
It Offers an Interactive Cooking Experience
Guests love to sit by the grill at parties. You can spend more time interacting …

How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Grill

It’s around that time of the year again, and we know you can’t wait to get out your grill and fire up that barbie. There’s no better way to enjoy summer weather than with family and friends at a backyard barbecue, soaking up the sun and eating delicious food.


The only problem is you’ve had your grill for years now, and it’s looking like you might need a new one. So, how do you know when it’s time to get a new charcoal bbq grill?

Chipped Finishing
The finish on any grill will start …

Tips for the Perfect Charcoal Barbeque

Australians are known across the world for their love and excellence for barbecues. If you’ve just started using a charcoal bbq, these tips should ensure you get fantastic results.

Charcoal Barbeque

Start With the Right Gear

You’ll need a charcoal bbq grill first before you can start grilling. Pick a grill based on how often you plan on using it as well as how much space you have. Larger gas grills are ideal baking and roasting in a bigger home, whereas the smaller charcoal burner is suitable for smaller backyards. Also, if love picnics then go …

Top Reasons You Should Use a Charcoal BBQ

Barbecuing is the ideal method of enjoying a steak for most Aussies. Also, with the great weather almost all year round, having an efficient barbecue can make weekends more exciting.

Choosing the best barbecue grill can be a bit complicated. Sure, a gas bbq is more convenient, there’s just nothing like the taste that you can get with a charcoal bbq grill.

Delicious steak is not the only reason to invest in charcoal grills. Read on and discover other reasons why charcoal barbequing is so appealing.

Supreme Smokey Taste

That tender, smokey taste that you get with a charcoal barbecue just can’t …

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