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Advanced Grilling Techniques Everyone Can Benefit From

Advanced Grilling Techniques Everyone Can Benefit From

One of the best tricks to take your grilling techniques to the next level is listening and learning every chance you get. Reading popular cookbooks to learn about new methods or watching videos for tips from celebrity chefs and pitmasters can rapidly ramp up your grill mastery for tastier results. From marinades to choosing the best cuts of meat, read on for tips on taking your grilling techniques to the next level.
Perfect the Art of Marinating 
Marinating …

Safety Precautions When Using Your Charcoal Grill and BBQ

Charcoal Grill and BBQ

The joy of hosting a barbecue is bringing people together to relax and bond over great food. However, proper safety is paramount, so the focus remains on delicious grilled treats rather than injury prevention. Before you get the party started, keep in mind these key charcoal grill safety tips so your get-together remains accident-free.  
Location, Location, Location  
One of the first charcoal grill safety tips is choosing an appropriate location. Ensure your grill sits on a flat, stable surface away from foot traffic and play areas, …

Upgrading Your Outdoor Kitchen: The Perks and Essentials

An outdoor kitchen isn’t just a simple home addition; it’s a valuable asset that blends functionality with style. For any property owner, it represents an exceptional means to fully embrace and utilise extra outdoor space available. Outdoor kitchens are treasured spaces and a beneficial investment in a home.
Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen for Home Improvement
An outdoor kitchen can have a functional grill, a home pizzeria, or a fully stocked kitchen. Family bonds and friends share memorable times in the cosy cookout space. An outdoor kitchen optimises a living space and evolves …

Delicious BBQ Recipes for Family Gatherings

BBQ recipes for family

Australians are known for their passion for the great outdoors, beautiful beaches, and friendly camaraderie, and this love for life extends to their adoration for BBQs. Cooking outdoors and socialising around a grill have become national pastimes, with BBQ events often serving as weekend celebrations of good food, close friends, and warm weather.

With the warmth of summertime sunlight and the thrill of family gatherings, nothing is more pleasurable than a grill’s sizzle and the aroma of tantalising BBQ drifting through the air. Whether you’re operating …

Unusual Ingredients for Adventurous BBQs

Most people think of the usual suspects like hot dogs, burgers, and chicken wings when it comes to summertime grilling and barbecuing. However, there’s a whole world of unusual and adventurous ingredients out there that can add excitement and sizzle to your next BBQ party.

Unusual Ingredients for Adventurous BBQs

So, if you’re tired of the same old fare or looking to wow your guests with exotic flavours, let us introduce you to some unexpected ingredients worth trying.

Fancy Fruit…


When it comes to a genuinely unbeatable grilling experience, your tools are as critical as your expertise. That’s why using only the best grills available is paramount. For this, names like Weber come to mind.

A Definitive Guide to Finding The Best BBQ Grill

Weber BBQs are renowned for their impeccable quality, durability, and exceptional performance. This guide aims to shed light on these grills and provide information on selecting the perfect Weber kettle grill for …

Take Your Weber Portable BBQ Camping This Winter: Top Tips

Winter cannot damper the joy of a barbecue and a camping trip. If you shudder at the thought of winter camping, it turns out that it is an adventure of its own and has its perks.

Take Your Weber Portable BBQ Camping This Winter

There are fewer crowds, less bugs to deal with, and you savour the beauty and quiet of a winter wonderland. It can be uncomfortable and cold if the barbecue camping trip lacks proper preparation. And that’s where the Weber Go-Anywhere portable BBQ comes in….

What is The Best Portable Grill?

When it comes to outdoor cooking, nothing beats the experience of firing up a portable grill and enjoying delectable grilled food with friends and family. Among the numerous grill brands available, Weber has remained popular for its high-quality construction, exceptional performance, and diverse product range. The dream for every grilling enthusiast is to have the best Weber portable grill that saves space without compromising on quality.

The Best Portable Grill

With the variety available, selecting a portable grill may seem daunting. So, to help ease the …

Are Weber Grills Worth It?

The Weber name has long been synonymous with barbecuing. From the space-saving Weber Q to premium gas BBQs and smokers, the Weber range is as extensive as it is popular. However, like most high-quality products, a Weber gas BBQ doesn’t come cheap. So, the big question is: Are Weber grills worth the price? 

Whether you use a Weber Kettle series BBQ, a Weber Portable, or something bigger like the Summit series premium gas Weber BBQ, there’s much to love about this brand. Let’s look at …

How to Clean A Weber Barbecue: 6 Simple Steps

Like other cooking appliances, cleaning a Weber barbecue requires the right products. Not only do they prolong the lifetime of the grill, but they also remove all the grease. Proper maintenance will keep your outdoor kitchen equipment looking brand new for years.

weber barbecue cleaning tips

Although Weber grills are self-cleaning, a scrub-down every few weeks is necessary, especially if you barbecue often.

Below is a step-by-step process of cleaning and maintaining your Weber barbeque.
Steps to Keep Your Weber Barbecue Grill Spotless
The fastest and most straightforward way to clean a barbecue grill is …

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