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8 Safety Precautions When Using Your Charcoal Grill and BBQ

8 Safety Precautions When Using Your Charcoal Grill and BBQ

Despite the emergence of electric and gas options, many still prefer charcoal BBQ grills. They’re famous for producing tasty meats with a unique smoky flavour. However, they use fire and produce excess heat, which can sometimes be unsafe.

Here are safety precautions to observe when using your charcoal BBQ grill.

Choose a Safe Location

The most necessary precaution is choosing a safe location for your grilling equipment. To prevent toppling, you must place the grill on a flat, stable surface. Also, ensure the grill is far from fences, buildings, trees, and other structures to reduce the risk of fires. Ideally, there should be 3 metres of space in all directions.


Avoid Gasoline

It might be tempting to use gasoline to light a charcoal grill, as the fuel usually takes time to start. This isn’t recommended because gasoline is highly flammable and can cause fires.

Suppose you’re struggling to start a charcoal fire, space out the pieces. This increases airflow, making it easier to light them. You can also use charcoal lighter fluid which is combustible but not as risky as gasoline.


Use a Grill Lighter

It’s advisable to use a grill lighter to start your charcoal BBQ. Grill lighters have a long handle, allowing you to stay a safe distance away. Contrarily, standard lighters have a short handle, meaning you risk getting burned when starting a fire.


Use Heat-resistant Gloves

When using any grill, wear heat-resistant gloves. As the name suggests, these gloves protect your hands from the heat radiated by the grill. They’re made using unique materials that provide thermal insulation. With these gloves, you can add and remove food from the grill without risking injury.


Keep Your Grill Clean

The food particles that stick on your grill are a fire risk, especially if they’re fatty. For this reason, cleaning the equipment after every grilling session is advisable.

Besides making it safer to use the grill, cleanliness improves the cooking experience. It may also increase the appetite of your guests because everyone likes clean (and delicious) food.


Use Equipment with Wooden Handles

Most utensils used for indoor cooking have plastic handles for insulation. It’s understandable since regular cooking rarely requires exceptionally high temperatures. 

However, outdoor cooking equipment must have wooden handles. When cooking outdoors, temperatures often exceed 200 degrees, enough to melt the plastic. Wood doesn’t melt, making it the most suitable insulation option.


Keep Children Away

Children are naturally curious. When they see a grill, they may try to touch the burning chunks, resulting in serious injury. Ensure the grill is only on when an adult is around. However, the best solution is teaching kids to avoid cooking zones.


Avoid Open Fires

Charcoal is ready to cook after it turns red and white and stops producing flames. If you start cooking with an open fire, you risk fuelling it into a more giant, uncontrollable inferno.

After cooking, allow the charcoal to cool for 48 hours. Taking it out sooner can result in burns.



Eating food and spending time with friends is exciting, but you must prioritise safety. Use the tips mentioned above to keep safe when grilling.

The safety of your grilling equipment hinges on quality and reliability. At Home Heat & BBQ, we have the best range of heating equipment. Visit our website for more information or call us today at 02-9838-1300.


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