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How to keep your BBQ spotless this summer season

Having a portable BBQ grill (or even a stationary or in-built one) is a symbol of prestige. However, keeping your BBQ clean can be a chore in itself. During the off-season when you don’t BBQ as much, it may gather months of dust and grime that are tough to remove. In summer, it’s more an issue of food stains and grease. Either way, by incorporating a few simple steps into your routine, you can keep your BBQ spotless all year round.

BBQ hygiene depends on the type of BBQ you have. Wood-burners and charcoal Webers have a similar cleaning routine. …

How to use your charcoal BBQ

Weber is one of the most ubiquitous BBQ brands in the world, and their first ever model was a Weber Kettle. It’s still one of their best sellers, and since Home Heat & BBQ is known as the Weber Store, we have a keen interest in charcoal cooking. It’s not just meat either. We’re equal opportunity BBQ believers, so we’re okay with char-grilled desserts and veggies. We have a few tips on how to get the most from your charcoal BBQ grill experience.

Start by deciding the type of Weber you want. Our Smokey Mountain series is cylindrical …

Our tips for cooking on a charcoal BBQ

Cooking on a charcoal BBQ can be a little more *complicated* than what you might be used to, especially if you are new to barbequing. We have 8 simple tips to help you master the art of successfully cooking on a charcoal BBQ.

Use a chimney starter – these are an absolute must as they can light up to 100 charcoal briquets and have them red hot in just 20 minutes, using nothing more than a single sheet of newspaper and a match.
Always use the right amount of charcoal, once you are comfortable using …

Gas BBQ Models That Are Great for Singles

Bachelors and bachelorettes rejoice! Home Heat and BBQ have not forgotten about you freewheeling singles, and we have a range of Weber BBQ’s perfectly suited to your needs. These barbies are compact and functional. They do all the things that bigger barbecues do and sit perfectly on the balcony of your one-bedroom flat. They are portable, practical, and produce amazing BBQ meals with effortless ease. In this post, we will take a closer look at the range of Gas BBQ’s perfectly suited to singles.
The Weber Baby Q
The Weber Baby Q is the festival-goers camp …

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